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Administrative Law

South Holland Administrative Law Attorney Protects Your Due Process Rights

Experienced representation for agency hearings before state and city of Chicago agencies

Administrative law is composed of the rules, regulations (“regs”) and procedures established by City of Chicago and state agencies to accomplish their missions. While these “regs” may be created with the best intentions, they may seriously threaten your constitutional right to due process. At the Law Office of Elfreda Dockery, I have substantial experience appearing before various state and city agencies, including:

  • Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
  • Illinois Department of Employment Security
  • City of Chicago code enforcement

When you face an administrative hearing, you need the assistance of a skilled attorney who has experience with the specific agency involved.

Guarding against unchecked power

While agency regulations carry the force of law, elected representatives of the people do not vote to enact them. Rather, appointed officeholders create “regs” under basic guidelines in state equivalent. Moreover, the city of Chicago and state agencies have the power to adjudicate, so citizens in dispute with an agency may have their cases heard by a central office of administrative hearings or before the very department with which they are in conflict. In a system where an agency functions as the executive, legislative and judiciary all rolled together, you need a strong advocate from the Law Office of Elfreda Dockery at your side.

Illinois department of healthcare and family services

Sometimes, child support issues are not decided by a judge.  In these situations, the matter can be resolved through the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (“HCFS”) by a hearing officer.  You need a lawyer by your side when appearing before a hearing officer at HCFS.  Make sure you have Elfreda Dockery representing you on your child support case at HCFS.

Illinois department of employment security

When you have been denied unemployment after being terminated from your job,  Elfreda Dockery can defend your right to unemployment benefits. Elfreda Dockery can represent you at the administrative hearing.  The administrative hearing allows you an opportunity to create a legal record regarding your unemployment benefits. Having Elfreda Dockery represent you at the administrative hearing helps to ensure that a good record is created. She can provide focus and direction during the hearing and ensure that your voice is heard. Also, having a representative at your side can be invaluable in accessing and navigating the employment security system in a time of stress and need.

City of Chicago code enforcement

If you have been cited for a building code violation by the City of Chicago, let Elfreda Dockery assist you in resolving your code violations. She will attend the administrative hearing on your behalf.  Elfreda Dockery can help you find the best solution by either trying to get the violation dismissed or seek time for you to come in compliance with the Code.  Let her assist you with your Chicago building department violations.  Call her today at 312-964-3761.

Contact an experienced attorney in Illinois for administrative law representation

If the state seeks child support from you, or you have been accused of wrongdoing by a regulatory agency or feel your home or business has been unduly burdened by government regulations, contact Elfreda Dockery today. Call 312-964-3761 or contact me online to schedule a legal strategy session. My office is conveniently located in South Holland.

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